Working from home rest of the week — dated: June 21, 2001

Good morning everyone:

I injured myself last night bailing hay. and unable to get a shoe on over my swollen foot.  No, my foot did not get caught in the baler, nor did the tractor run over it, I am just a little embarrassed to explain what happened.

My eldest son and I were pushing a hay rake by hand from one field to the next and going down hill.  Well the hay rake was picking up speed, so we were trying to slow it down.  In addition the cows were just in this field and I placed my foot into a nice warm/fresh cow pie, and I started to slide like I was heading for home plate.  The other foot which did not slide, held it’s ground a little well.  I came down on top of this rather large cow pie, the foot that refused to slide was still firmly flat on the ground and the rest of my body was too going past it.

I might need to see a doctor today to make sure that I did not tear anything in the foot, as it is very swollen this morning and very painful.

So here I am on the ground covered in a cow pie from head to toe.  Not realizing what I had done or happened I also rolled the wrong way, right over the cow pie, so by this time nobody wants to help me get up in fear of getting covered.  As I look back, it is not hard to chuckle about it!  I often wondered if the neighbors were watching asking, why is this guy rolling around in a cow pie like a dog does!

Anyway, my home phone is 555-555-2345.  I will post out of office to email when I am back from the doctors office today.

Jim 🙁


One of my colleges replied:

RE: Working from home for the rest of the week


A somewhat similar ritual was was formerly engaged in by Ituri Forest Pygmies.  In preparation for an elephant hunt, they rolled in elephant dung so the elephants can’t smell them.  Jim, perhaps this is some ancient genetic impulse that’s just now surfacing in your life, some remnant from our species’ ancient African roots.

Clearly this represents a commendable subconscious desire to get spiritually connect with your cows, to break down that artificial barrier between man and beast, to become one with Nature.  Certainly you smelled alike at the end of it all.

On the other hand, with you down and helpless, smell like a cow, probably just as well there wasn’t a bull in the pasture.