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Buxton Feed Co. is a small family owned feed mill located in Buxton, Or. BFC opened this mill in 2001, in which BFC started making their own cattle feed. Over time the demand has grown and BFC has formulated several feed products based upon market demand. All feed products are formulated by BFC and quality approved by a nutritionist.

We changed to GMO FREE in 2010; as a result of listening to our customers requirements. We now produce 3 different types of rabbit feed, 18%, 16%, and 10% rations. These rations are certified to be GMO FREE, and contain no corn products. The 18% and 16% ration do have organic soy bean meal in them for the protein source, as there is really no other approved element from the FDA. Our 10% rabbit contains no soy bean meal or corn products.

Because we listen to our customers, a lot of you at the Bunny Palooza spoke with us suggesting that a timothy based rabbit feed would be better for the rabbits health. So for the past few months we have been working with Dr. Melinda Surrency and our full-time nutritionalist to work up a formula that would work for the companion rabbit community. We had our first run of the changed 10% rabbit on January 25, 2016. This improved 10% rabbit ration also got a new name, “Cuddle Bunny”. Cuddle Bunny comes in 5#, 10# bags, and a 25# bucket that is reusable.

We currently are selling our feed products at the following locations:

  • Buxton Feed Company, Banks OR
  • City Farm, St. Johns, OR
  • The filling Station, Tigard, OR
  • Healthy Pets Northwest,
  • Trask River Poultry, Tillamook OR
  • The Planter Box, Longbeach WA
  • Alberta Street
  • Multnomah Village
  • Division Street
  • Woodstock

If any of these stores currently do not carry our Cuddle Bunny, just ask them to please keep it in stock.

We have produced two more product lines based on customer requests.

  • “Little Bites”
    • We have two different types of hay available “Timothy or Orchard Grass” from eastern Oregon.
    • The hay comes in two different sizes, 40oz and a 10# bag. The bags are clear plastic, so you get to see what is in the bag and the type of quality hays we use.

Buxton Feed Company was the 1st to manufacturer “No Corn/No Soy” GMO FREE livestock pellets in the Pacific Northwest.

  • We make excellent, quality feed with honesty & integrity
  • We use whole grains that are GMO FREE
  • Our poultry and other premixes are made locally
  • Our feed is formulated by a local nutritionist
  • In our unique pelleting process, we do not use steam as this will rob nutrients from the feed
  • We do not use any fillers or medications
  • Product is tested at the molecular level
  • Because it is made locally, it is extremely fresh as we buy it in small quantities.

Our granddaughter is also a proud owner of one of these delightful creatures.

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