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It all started with a challenge to create a wildlife attractant for Blacktail deer. Starting in 2009 with five years of research and product development. We announced our signature product-line in 2014. Whitcher Creek Wildlife Attractants are great for finding out what you have in your hunting area. Is an ideal for bird watching, and other wildlife photography. We believe in only providing our customers with the highest quality of wildlife attractants. Whitcher Creek Wildlife attractants are made from GMO-Free Whole Grains grown in the great Northwest. Our products are made from GMO-Free grains and hays. With the latest reports of GMO grains contaminating the food supply. We feel this should also include the wild game that we hunt every fall. Blacktail Attractant is specifically designed for Blacktail Deer of the Pacific Northwest. Infused with apple favoring this makes it a dynamite attractant for “The Ghost of the Woods”. The recommended procedure for application of the wildlife attractant. Is to locate know trails and travel routes. Place a few pounds in that area. Once animals are actively feeding on it. You can move it as far as 50-100 yards at time. Once hooked on Deer Candy products they will seek it out.

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