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Deer Candy from Whither Creek Wildlife Feeds.

So what makes Deer Candy so different from other wildlife products on the market to date? We use Whole Grains in the manufacture of our products. You might think well so do the other guys. Well, the answer is “no”. Most livestock feed and wildlife feed manufacturers use grain by-products to formulate their feeds. They do this to make a cheap and inefficient feed. So why do we not use grain by-products with the wildlife feeds? We are trying to attract an animal who has everything it needs to survive in the wild and it doesn’t need us. So you have to do the next best thing provide a feed source superior to its native food sources. Animals in the wild have to constantly make a decision does the food in front of me give me energy and nutrition without expelling too much energy to convert into energy. Processed grain by products are like giving your children potato chips. Yes they are very attractive, but provide no gains in providing key carbohydrates and proteins needed for a growing deer to survive on. They will soon stop eating it because it does not get turned into the needed nutrients efficiently unlike Whole Grains. Buxton Feed Company who manufactures Deer Candy has proven this. Through its various livestock feed products the use of Whole Grains has led to increases in production, thus lowering feed costs. Deer Candy is the only Whole Grain wildlife attractant on the market making it an industry pioneer in this area. Which does have an appeal to hunters who have young families. So why make it GMO-Free, and what is a GMO? GMOs (or “genetically modified organisms”) are living organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering, or GE. As you know, there has been a lot of research about GMO’s affecting natural and native plant genetics, food supply chain contamination's, and increase in cancers. Some researchers even believe that autism may be a symptom of GMO poisoning. Whitcher Creek Wildlife Feeds are committed to ensuring that all Deer Candy products are GMO-Free. We have our products tested by an independent lab for GMO-Free certification. Buxton Feed Company who manufacturers Deer Candy has been an industry leader in helping educate customers about GMOs.We believe that using GMO laced wildlife feeds is poisoning the wildlife that in turn is poisoning our customer’s families, who are eating the wild game they harvest each fall. We are now seeing a growing trend in GMO-Free food and feed products are growing faster in the market out preforming organic products which is the only alternative. Giving Deer Candy GMO-Free status is another marketing plus for wildlife feed attractants making Deer Candy the only product on the market with this honor. The number one reason why our products outperform other comparable products is: Buxton Feed Company mixes each recipe exactly the same, each and every time to ensure consistency. If you have a consistent recipe, you will get better quality of product. By not using any fillers or substitutions Deer Candy has a consistency that makes it a truly premium wildlife attractant. Deer Candy Blacktail Attractant, is our flag ship product.After 6+ years of studying and testing blacktails. We were able to formulate a product that can attract blacktails throughout the entire year. There are no other products available on the market that can compete with this product. And it all started with a challenge, to invent something that was needed for hunters to be successful. Since the development of Deer Candy Blacktail Attractant we have added a full line of Deer Candy products that work as well as Blacktail Attractant. Our product line now includes Whitetail, Mule Deer Elk and Wild Turkey. Recently we have even formulated a black bear attractant. All of these products are held to the same standards of field testing and quality control as our Blacktail Attractant. We know the reason why these products outperform the others on the market, is simply because of our quality and close attention to detail of our input ingredients and manufacturing techniques we described above.

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