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#2 - Farmer Goodman and the Giant Pumpkin

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Here is exert from chapter one

The garden was growing nicely. All of Farmer Goodman’s plants were up. Farmer Goodman was pleased. Now all he had to do was keep up on weeding, fertilizing, and watering. He was finished for the day with the chores so he put his tools away in the garden shed. He rolled up the garden hose and left it neatly by the faucet. All was done for the day so, Farmer Goodman retired to the comforts of his chair in the farmhouse.

The next morning, Farmer Goodman was up early and outdoors working in his garden.He found some weeds he had missed in the strawberry rows and decided to get his hoe to dig them up.He went to the garden shed and reached for his hoe and it wasn’t there..........

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