October News Letter



By Darby Ann (grandma)

We hope this finds you joyously expectant looking forward to the Holidays. To help you get off to a great start to your holiday season, we are offering a 15% discount on retail prices of our products. All you must do to receive this offer is say the following to our sales staff:

Blessings to all Jim & Darby Ann

We started summer with a birthday party for our oldest granddaughter’s friend. It was a wonderful success and totally appreciated by the birthday girl.
Next, we went into canning mode!  Our yield includes the following items:
Frozen Strawberry & raspberry jam Frozen raspberries in syrup Freezer sweet corn Canned green beans, pears, & wild tuna.  All this activity went on while we hosted impromptu swimming parties for our two granddaughters and their friends.

Life is good, isn’t it?

Another activity we embarked upon was “Pony Club”. Our oldest granddaughter established the curriculum and taught the class to her sister and a friend. Grandpa was assigned to making sure that they were safe including “Cookie” our granddaughters horse! We didn’t accomplish as much as we wanted due to interruptions of vacations, swimming parties, etc. But do plan to resume after the 1st of the year. And NO, we are not taking applications!

I also finished my second book “Farmer Goodman and The Giant Pumpkin”. It was an accomplishment after 19 versions! I kept finding punctuation and grammar mistakes! If you find any……do not tell me!

This book tells the story of Farmer Goodman growing a giant pumpkin for the contest at Bauman Farms. He gets some help from a mythical creature that likes to play tricks on others. It ends with a moral learned.

The first Farmer Goodman book is about events that took place in Farmer Goodman’s garden with the rabbit and squirrel communities. Oscar the squirrel (Jim) is always getting into mischief. All most every chapter has a life lessen to be learned like “thinking on the interest of others”, “do it now”, or “keeping your word”, and Grandma’s favorite “just because you think something is true doesn’t mean that it is”. The illustrations are intended to be coloring pages that can be pulled copied out and copied.

These books would make great Christmas gifts for children. They are for sale at $5.00 each or $8.99 for both books. Just click the link below to order yours today.


The above links we are using a new product. If it does not work, please gives us a call (503-324-1511), as can send the book to you via email and handle the credit cards as well.

More News Updates
By Jim (grandpa)

Grandma does not want me (grandpa) to share this to you all, but I feel it is important for folks to know and understand our path that God has placed
us on.

Not looking for flowers or gifts, just understanding & prayers for some of our struggles that we are dealing with as we get older.

Last Winter of 2015-2106 grandma had a lot of battles with pneumonia’s. In March & April 2016, her body took a real beating with double pneumonia’s in a period of only 3 to 4 weeks. This really upset her body and she has been confined to bed for the most part since then. Her legs just do not want to work much anymore. We have had a rough time of it during this time, but things are starting to look up for her. In August and September of this year she started to gradually start walking with her walker. She was walking about 50 feet per day, until she had another setback. She took a fall and broke her pelvis on September 26th. She is back home with us now, and believe it or not she is up to walking 25 feet per day! God gets this glory through his healing and prayers as she continues to get stronger. Grandpa has been providing 24X7 care for her since 3/1/2016.


That is right…. we give educational tours of our GMO FREE milling operations to school children, 4H clubs, and their parents.
Last week we gave a tour of our mill to the Scuttlebuns 4H club from Washington County. They all learned a lot and enjoyed looking over the equipment & process’s that makes our GMO-FREE products. Of course, we had refreshments and product samples for them all after the tour. They are a great group of kids learning all about rabbits, which is their project.


We wanted to share with everyone about a rabbit breeder who has been using our Rabbit Grower 16%. They live near Seaside Oregon, in the coast range. Below is a picture of a few of their workers. Here is what she had to say:

I raise New Zealand rabbits for show and meat and had gotten one too many bags that were literally half dust and some that even had mold. After doing some research for local feed companies, I found Buxton Feed Co. and switched to their 16% rabbit feed. The difference has been outstanding. While some of my picker eaters (the best show rabbits of course) had completely stopped eating their old dusty Brand-X food; but they readily accepted the new Buxton Feed that I gave them. The pellets smell sweet and are obviously fresh, the rabbits really seem to thrive on them.
After I switched, I got more comments on the show table about the prime condition my animals were in, which I attribute to the perfect protein level of Buxton’s Rabbit Grower 16% and the quality ingredients of their feed. Most other Brand-X feeds seem to be in the 18-20% protein range and New Zealand’s on Brand-X quickly get fat and flabby. My animals consistently have firm flesh and great condition to their coats when using Buxton Feed Rabbit Grower 16%.

An unexpected outcome seems to be an enhanced reproductive capacity of my does as well. My rabbits started kindling much larger litters, from
around 6 kits to litters of 12 and 13 kits. Even my most experienced doe had more kits survive to weaning, with zero losses in her last litter, with no conscious changes to my husbandry techniques. It makes sense, better quality nutrition helps increase reproductive success.

Just being able to open a bag of feed and know it was freshly milled is great peace of mind, but knowing it is actually high-quality nutrition for my rabbits that produces results is icing on the cake. I’ll be buying my feed from the Buxton Feed Co. as long as they’re making it!

This letter was sent us from Kaya Diem just this week.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed our newsletter. Our goal is to produce a newsletter each month, but we have had a lot of challenges to work through this past year. But our goal is once month and we are already working on Novembers newsletter.

Jim & Darby Ann