Lost Pigs ‘1989’

We decided to try our hand at raising pigs.  It was also during one of the great trials of life.  Jim has been diagnosed with cancer for the second time.  The first time of cancer Spencer was a first grader.  The second time, Beau was a first grader and Spencer was a fourth grader. (we joked that we were glad we didn’t have any more kids entertaining first grade!)  On this particular day, Darby was taking Jim for a chemotherapy treatment.  Darby had just gone out to feed the animals only to find the pigs were missing!  They had gotten out!  The boys and Darby looked everywhere for them.  Darby imagined them running through our valley up rooting everything good and making enemies of all our neighbors.  Finally, she could not wait any longer.  She called our friend Bob to come help look for pigs.  He came and helped the boys with the pig search and getting them to school.  She left to take Jim to Chemo.  (Bob came and prayed with Jim everyday during this difficult time of our lives.  What a faithful servant and good example he was.)  The pigs had crawled into a shavings bin and covered themselves with shavings and were sleeping peacefully all the while we were walking back and forth in front of them, looking for them!  (Darby wondered if they were saying things like “those fools,  there they go again –we’ve really got them fooled don’t we”)  Spencer found the pigs!  He saw two little noses sticking out of the shavings.  Spencer doesn’t remember who got the pigs back into the pen or if they walked to school or if Bob dropped them off.  Fortunately, the lost pig mystery was solved without damage to our neighbors property.  We are so thankful that we had Bob as our friend!

Our friend Bob, has since passed on to be with the Lord.