How it all started on the FARM

Our dream was always to own a farm, a slice of Oregon real-estate, something we could call our own.  It took us ten+ year’s to finally find our farm.  At the time it was really a long ways to the west of Beaverton Oregon, where we both had grown up.  Both of our parents thought we were nuts moving so far away from everything.

Well we made the move in 1982 in the month of May.  Our family consisted of 2 small boys, two horses, a dog & cat, no farm experience, lots of energy, we both lived as suburbanites.  SO Let The Stories Begin!

Yes over the years we have written down a lot of things that have happened to us living on the farm.  A lot of the stories are very funny and they are not being written in any type of order.

We sincerely hope everyone enjoys them!