2018 Loyalty Program

You may not have known this, but in 2017 we had a customer loyalty program in place for all of our customers. This is how our program works: Each time you purchase product from our store, you will earn one star. After you get a total of 5 stars you get a $20.00 discount on […]

Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s the BIG Count Down for Finding that Perfect Gift! At Buxton Feed Company we have a few ideas just for Someone! Here are just a few items that are unique, and just might meet your expectations! An interesting Christmas pocket knife with special engraving $19.95 with free shipping BUY ME     A special […]

The Day After!

I think my picture for this post would describe how your day went on Thursday! And the after today, most of us are broke in spending all our hard earned money on those fabulous Black Friday Deals! So, we know that during the holidays money is tight and very hard sometimes for most of us […]