2018 Loyalty Program

You may not have known this, but in 2017 we had a customer loyalty program in place for all of our customers.

This is how our program works:

  • Each time you purchase product from our store, you will earn one star.
  • After you get a total of 5 stars you get a $20.00 discount on your next purchase.

Last year we issued out 382 stars.  So if you do the math there would have been 76 customers who earned an award of $20.00.  So for 2018 we are hoping a lot more of our customers will take advantage of this program.  It is a free program, and we only needs pieces of information to join.

  1. Your name
  2. Your cell phone number
  3. Your email address

This way we can give you a star for each purchase, and by having your email we keep you posted on your star earnings.


We also will give you a 5% discount on your birthday.  Let us know the MM/DD and our sales system will keep track of that day for your discount, and remind you when it is available.  We do this in case you have forgotten it was your birthday…..just joking!